Join The SRG Group

OPKEE Shared Resource Group/Mastermind:  Trading Success At A Fraction Of the Cost of Going at it alone

Current SRG VIP v1.0 Benefits:
  • Access to Current  Top 5 Robots We Are Using
  • Access to 1-2 New Robots Tested Monthly
  • Access to Trade Copy Account
  • Access to VIP Telegram Channels
  • Access to VIP Updates

Detailed Summary

Here's a breakdown of what we offer and the benefits for our members:

  1. Access to top shared EAs and robots for testing: Members will have the opportunity to test the top five to ten EAs alongside us, which we'll make available via our Telegram group.
  2. Regular release of new EAs and robots: We aim to release one or two new systems every month for member testing, ensuring a dynamic and diverse portfolio.
  3. Free trade copier account: Members will have access to at least one free trade copier account, allowing them to replicate successful trading strategies at no cost.
  4. Daily and weekly testing updates: Members will receive exclusive testing updates in our VIP area on Telegram, keeping them informed about our strategies and progress.
  5. Partnership opportunities: We're exploring partnerships and collaborations to expand our trading capabilities, including the establishment of international business entities for trading with offshore brokers.
  6. Mindset and reprogramming techniques: We value the importance of mindset in trading success and offer resources and support for personal development and mindset training.
  7. Community and communication: Members will have access to member-only chats and VIP groups for networking, collaboration, and support.

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