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OPKEE Overview & Introduction

Jay 6.2 here. I am the managing partner at opkeeinvestors.com. Our mission is simple: To find, assess, and implement high performing, “Low Effort", income based, trading systems/services which has an impressive record with live funds. In other words, we put the Forex, Investment, and personal Growth Gurus to the test with real money, in real time!

In this intro, you will find how we as a group plan use the traders, systems and services that fit our criteria and business plan to build wealth. But not just any business plan, but one that fits our passive income goals. One that profits from Other People’s Knowledge Expertise & Efforts. It’s what we refer to as OPKEE! Sure OPKEE is a weird acronym, but it’s really just a basic tenant of business success…Identifying, hiring and managing talent.  


Over the years, there have been very few books that had more impact on how I do business than Tim Ferriss's, The Four Hour Workweek. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Tim advocates "outsourcing" the tasks in your business or your life that you can't do or don't want to do…leaving time to follow your bliss; your passion.

In short, we’ve applied those principles to trading. Instead of "being" a trader, I now run a trading business. I now outsource, hire and delegate many tasks to my small international team. (Sounds cool, right! Lol)

The OPKEE Model as a business takes on the attitude of being a “CEO” of your own personal hedge fund business. Like any other business, you will need to factor in revenue, expenses, and paying for resources. This hypothetical business plan can be a guide and template.

THE OPKEE Investors SRG & MASTERMIND – Our Goal is to at Least Double Our Money Every Year
100% Gains? We are traders; NOT investors and we have a high risk trading mindset. Please know the difference. While the passive investor celebrates the 7% – 14% year; the active trader targets 5% - 20%+ a MONTH!  

We created the OPKEE Investors SRG & MASTERMIND for like-minded traders and business people. Collectively, we “hire” and partner with successful traders and through the power of signals & copier technology, their efforts are copied in our accounts. If they make a trade, that same trade is made in our account! The OPKEE Investors SRG & Mastermind provides a “Low Effort” opportunity for our members to profit from the expertise and efforts of others. If interested, we will share more information on how to become a part of our OPKEE Investors SRG & MASTERMIND.

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