OPKEE. It's not just a weird acronym, but it's also how we build wealth with Other People's Knowledge, Expertise & Effort - OPKEE.  We are painfully aware that 95% of systems, traders & services are ineffective, deceptive or just right out scams

As a group, we seek & employ the successful systems.  We all benefit from thousands of dollars of resouces at a fraction of the cost! 

What is the OPKEE Mastermind & the Forex Buying Club?

OPKEE MASTERMIND. We are a small group of five traders/investors and what we do is simple. As a group, we combine resources to research and test low effort, high performing trading services with real money , in real accounts. When we find a high performing trader or system, we can choose to create individual and group portfolios with the system. Simple!
The Forex Buying Club was created within the mastermind to give others an opportunity to participate at a fraction of the cost. Buying Club members can choose to trade copy our group accounts or follow our in-house signals or alerts. 
So how do you join us? Just sign up and try one of our systems. Connect it to one of your demo or live accounts and give it a test run. Here is our most current offer: Click Here
Jay Hughes
Managing Partner
Trader, Investor, & Systems Analyst.

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