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**Forex Traders, Signals & Robots**

We Share The Cost of Growing Small Accounts into a $100,000+ Income!

We Invest In Other People's Knowledge, Expertise & Effort - OPKEE

Problem: Trading & Business Success is HARD and Expensive. Investing time, effort and money to "find" the formula can add up quick and knock most of us out of the game!

Solution: OPKEE INVESTORS is a Small Resource Group That invest in Other People's Knowledge, Expertise & Efforts. We Share The Cost Of Sourcing, Testing & Executing Forex Resources THAT make Us Money! 

Trading EAs & Robots

There are several factors that go into the profitability of EAs & robots. As a group, OPKEE INVESTORS test settings, timing & pairs for increased profits. 

Trade Copy & Auto Trade

As a group, we source, test and vet trade copy vendors. If we find a trader that performs well, we will add it to the OPKEE INVESTORS portfolio. 

PAMMs & Platforms

We explore PAMMs for members who want a 100% hands-off solution. Transparency & consistency is key for any OPKEE INVESTORS portfolio addition.   

Manual Signals & Advisory

Even though the internet of full of scam or fake signal providers. But OPKEE INVESTORS find the profitable, easy to follow signals that make us money!

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The FX Basics

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